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NOAC International Inc.
12337 Jones Road 200-14
Houston TX, 77070
TEL: 832-912-8700

NOAC International Corp.
2-12-4 Higashi Azabu
Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
TEL: 81-3-3568-6123

At NOAC, our root of business is to support US companies with high quality and Asian languages, so they can expand their markets to ASIA pacific.
NOAC provides high experienced engineers in US.
We provide services at Houston and California in United States now, and yet we are expanding our business in other states. Our offices are located in Houston, Hawaii and Tokyo. more detail...
We provide anything that relates to Computer and Network, like computer supply, replacement, company web site, DTP, consultation and maintenance of the system, technical engineer and help desk in both English and Japanese.
At NOAC, we offer the best quality workstations and servers which will be supported from planning through running.
We also provide support desk in both English and Japanese. more detail...
NOAC provides unique and high quality web site with latest web technique. NOAC can handle very basic language of HTML through Java, PHP, Perl, and also SQL. We also uses web site technique to help internal task transition with PHP and Database like SQL.
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